the mc chris podcast

the mc chris podcast

Adult Swim icon MC Chris recorded fifty podcasts in front of a live audience during his 2019 tour of the United States. He interviews his fans, plays a little trivia and digs deep for local tales of history, murder and scandal.

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ep. 10: Reddit | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Rochester, NY to discuss garbage plates, red licorice, Kodak's chemical dumping and Star Trek: Discovery.

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ep. 9: I'm Gonna Shrink outta here! | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Boston, MA to discuss environmental science, moon rocks, microbiology, Sky High, body piercing, Lord of the Flies and how to talk to old people.

ep. 8: I Have No Tolerance For Silliness | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Burlington, VT to discuss syrup, dishwashing, burlesque, Lake Champlain, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan and the red scare, bridge ghost girl, Brian De Palma, the popular girls and the renaissance fair.

ep. 7: Out and About with Patient Zero | mp3 | youtube

M.C. tours Harney & Sons tea factory ( to taste tea and discuss Robert Fortune and the history of tea, oxidization, sweeteners, Jessica Jones, Captain Phasma and Syndrome.

ep. 6: Nerf Vortex | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Brooklyn, NY to discuss El Salvador, Castlevania and Chiptune.

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ep. 5: Step Away from the Canvas | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Baltimore, MD to discuss John Waters, the mc chris cartoon, Junior High, poetry and Pokémon.

ep. 4: there's a storm | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Pittsburgh, PA to discuss ghost hunting, Shiloh, apple watches and why Empire Strikes Back sucks.

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ep. 3: ghost of a jeep | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Pontiac, MI to discuss Borderlands, being bipolar, Jack Herer and Downton Abbey. *John Sayles not J.D. Salinger

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ep. 2: gobots and nobody | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Chicago and discusses Spider-Man on ps4, Man Who Laughs, catholic school, super bowl 85, and great america.

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ep. 1: valid qualms | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Indianapolis and discusses Men in Black International and why being fifteen sucks.